All right, what’s going on dudes? Welcome back to would you rather gonna do things a little differently today it’s gonna be more like a would you rather challenge.

I guess the moral of today’s post is going to be to conform or be punished. What a great thing to live by not really but let’s start off with..

Would you rather have knee length hair or have a one-foot tall mohawk?

I’m gonna try to answer like truthfully versus trying to just purposely choose the one that I think will be the majority but on this one, I have actually no idea. I think both of them suck but, if I have to maintain the one-foot tall mohawk, that seems like a huge pain to do. So I’d rather have something that you probably have to maintain knee length pair to otherwise, ooh that’s gonna be a mess.  Oh, in that case, I don’t know I’m gonna go with the Mohawk actually. I’m in the minority yeah that would suck getting into a car though just it would just destroy the Mohawk every time you probably yes it gets it all fancied up once again when you get to your destination alright.


Would you rather be famous for inventing the whoopee cushion or famous for inventing snap bracelets?

I don’t know that’s so it’s so obscure probably the whoopee cushion. When you have the vacation in New York City or Tokyo. I go to Tokyo just because I’ve been to New York.

I thought we could have had a tie here. I wonder if a lot of Japanese people play this no like I live in Tokyo so why would I vacation where I live.


Would you rather get shot or get stabbed?

It depends on where right I feel like there are locations where maybe be better to get shot. I don’t yeah the top comment is there way too many variables in this. So, I don’t know.


Would you rather know when the world ends or know how the world ends?

Probably when doesn’t really matter how right? Because if it’s over your it’s gonna be over. Yeah, there’s no conscious slot after the fact to be like I wonder how that happened. No, you just do God.  Sorry, I’m salivating a little bit here.

I knew when I dude if it were a year from now I’d be I just go and do everything I ever wanted to do. So, I’m gonna say that one.


Would you rather find a book about everything about the past or find a book about everything about the future?

Probably the future and be more interesting because it’s fully unknown versus. But then you would spoiled eggs right it’d be a bit of a spoiler but I’m gonna go with the future.


Would You Rather be in a no-name rock band or be in a wildly popular kids band like the Wiggles?

All right dude, it’s like are we a hipster here or are we mainstream. Hmm.. I don’t know.  I don’t know does the know named rock band imply it like you don’t know if you’re good or not you could be a terrible no-name Rock man that’s why you’re know named or if you’re? I don’t know. I think it’d be more fun to make a career out of it because if you’re in the no-name rock band you’re probably you have a side job. Whereas this is your full-time thing which makes it I would think more fun.


If you had to be stuck with one for a year would you rather have to give a graphic naked picture anyone who asked for it give up sex?

Now, see the problem is in the position that I’m in as a writer. It would be, essentially career suicide to do the left one. So I probably have to do the right one.


Would You Rather be in the left 4 Dead Universe or be in The Walking Dead universe?

Hmm, probably walking dead. Because left for dead you have specially infected which would really screw you over and admittedly. I wish Walking Dead had done that because it would have made things so much more interesting but instead, it’s.

Sorry, I could go on a rant about the walking dead but I’m gonna say be in The Walking Dead universe because it’s probably easier to survive.

Would you rather be the homemaker or be the breadwinner?

I mean you don’t have to in order to assign roles both people can go out and work. So, I don’t know. I enjoy doing work, so I’d probably be the breadwinner but both people can film.