Conversation Questions Have You Ever …

  1. Have you ever ever valued a sundown?
  2. Were you alone or with someone special?
  3. Have you ever been a guest at a surprise party?
  4. Have you ever been in a fist fight?
  5. Have you ever been to a theatre? (Additionally spelling “theatre.”)
  6. Have you ever broken a bone?
  7. Maybe you have broken up with someone?
  8. Maybe you have called your boyfriend or girlfriend?
  9. Maybe you have called your girlfriend/boyfriend “Honey?”
  10. Have you ever changed your look a lot in a short time? (For example, hair style, hair color or weight)
  11. Have you ever cheated on an exam?
  12. Perhaps you have cried in public and embarrassed yourself?
  13. Perhaps you have cried for no reason and felt good because of it?
  14. Have you ever dated someone who didn’t enjoy you?
  15. Have you ever dated a relative by injury?
  16. Maybe you have done something foolish that you just wish you had not done?
  17. Maybe you have driven a sports car?
  18. Perhaps you have driven a truck?
  19. Have you realized you have no cash with you and ever eaten in a restaurant?
  20. Perhaps you have finished you realized you forgot your wallet, and eating in a restaurant?
  21. Perhaps you have eaten something that you thought you wouldn’t like, but found out that you actually liked it?
  22. Maybe you have eaten frog legs?
  23. Have you ever eaten horse meat?
  24. Have you ever ever eaten food that was French? (Swap other nations’ food, too.)
  25. Have you ever fallen asleep and forgotten where you were?
  26. Have you ever fallen asleep while taking a bath?
  27. Maybe you have fallen down the stairway?
  28. Maybe you have fallen in love?
  29. Maybe you have forgotten your mother’s birthday?
  30. Have you ever given a bogus alibi to get out of something you didn’t desire to do? If so, tell us.
  31. Have you ever given a ring (or other jewelry) for your girlfriend/boyfriend?
  32. Perhaps you have gone mountain climbing?
  33. Have you ever gone skiing?
  34. Maybe you have gone surfing?
  35. Maybe you have gone to greet a friend or family member then found it was someone else?
  36. Maybe you have gotten sunburnt at the tanning saloon and gone back the following day?
  37. Maybe you have had a Deja Vu experience?
  38. Have you ever ever made cheesecake?
  39. Have you ever ever made Chinese food?
  40. Have you ever ever baked bread?
  41. Maybe you have met a celebrity?
  42. Have you ever played a joke on one of your teachers?
  43. How about one of your classmates?
  44. Have you ever raised your hand to answer a question, then forgot what you had been going to say?
  45. Have you ever received a gift that you simply really hated?
  46. What was it?
  47. Why did you despise it?
  48. Who gave it to you personally?
  49. Have you ever ever regretted saying I love you?
  50. Maybe you have ridden a horse?
  51. Maybe you have ever ridden a motorcycle?
  52. When you meant no have you ever said yes,?
  53. If so, tell us.
  54. Have you ever slept in a cave?
  55. Have you ever slept in a tent?
  56. Have you ever swum in the ocean?
  57. Perhaps you have spoke to some famous person?
  58. Who was the man?
  59. How long did you speak?
  60. Maybe you have thought of something funny and started laughing out loud in the existence of others?
  61. Have you ever ever tried in-line skating?
  62. Have you ever ever tried riding a skateboard?
  63. Maybe you have guessed someone’s age wrong (younger or older)? How did the man respond?
  64. Perhaps you have ever been in the shower when there was an earthquake?
  65. Maybe you have ripped off your pants ?
  66. Maybe you have kissed somebody by mistake?
  67. Maybe you have fallen asleep while talking on the telephone?
  68. Perhaps you have sprained your ankle/wrist? How did it happen?
  69. Have you ever written an article for a newspaper?
  70. If so, when was it and what was the post about?
  71. Maybe you have seen a car accident?
  72. Have you ever called the principal of your school?
  73. Maybe you have received more than 10 cards on Valentines day?
  74. Have you ever ever been on television or the radio?
  75. Maybe you have ridden on an ostrich? A camel? A cow?
  76. Perhaps you have shaken hands with a monkey?
  77. Maybe you have received a love letter?
  78. Have you ever ever seen a tornado?
  79. While taking a shower maybe you have had an electricity blackout?
  80. Have you ever picked you’re nose in public?
  81. Have you ever ever been on the radio? T.V?
  82. Maybe you have ridden on an ostrich?
  83. Have you ever ever milked a cow?
  84. Perhaps you have built an igloo?
  85. Maybe you have attempted any extreme sports?
  86. Maybe you have shot a gun at a target or a tree?
  87. Have you ever played an instrument in public?
  88. Maybe you have sung in public?
  89. Maybe you have talked “baby talk” for your pet?
  90. Maybe you have given nicknames that were unique to your own pet that were completely different?
  91. Perhaps you have kept special treats for your own pet?
  92. Have you ever kept bed or a special blanket for your pet to sleep on?
  93. Have you ever let your pet sleep in or on your own bed with you?
  94. Have you ever ever hitchhiked?
  95. Have you ever fainted?
  96. Have you ever been mugged?
  97. Have you ever played in a film?
  98. Have you ever ever called a female teacher “mum” by mistake?
  99. Perhaps you have desired to eat toothpaste?
  100. Have you ever ever been to a wedding? Whose was it? Did the bride wear a a traditional clothing or a white dress?
  101. Have you ever been trapped in an elevator?
  102. Have you ever made somebody cry?
  103. Have you ever ever seen your mom / your daddy cry?
  104. Perhaps you have fired a gun?
  105. Have you ever ever been inside a police car?
  106. Have you ever ever had to dial 911/111/119… (emergency services)?
  107. Have you ever ever passed out in a public place?
  108. Maybe you have wondered why Asians can not speak English?
  109. Have you ever met someone who has six fingers?
  110. Maybe you have traveled without paying for the ticket?
  111. Have you ever sung in public?
  112. What exactly is your comfort zone?
  113. When would you feel the most comfortable?
  114. Perhaps you have walked into a lamppost?
  115. Maybe you have wondered why some individuals want to be alone but never seem to be solitary? Why would
  116. you believe this really is ?
  117. Have you ever ever attempted to eat food without first spitting?
  118. Perhaps you have preserved a bit of chewed chewing gum and began chewing on it again later?
  119. What was the reply?
  120. Maybe you have called a women sir or a Guy “ma’am?”
  121. Maybe you have questioned a girl when she was “due” and she was not even pregnant?

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