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To whom I owe.


For her.


I wait.


My cold friends.


Here I choose.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Congratulations to Givewaway Winners! Books on Way!!


Your support is incredible. We had 1201 entries. Wow!

I hope we're starting something amazing together.

I'm so looking forward to your comments and reviews.

Anyhow, the books are to ship in the next 48hrs. USA and UK readers should receive their copies sometime next week and if not let me know. Canadian readers may be next week or later - no idea - all depends on the Border, since books to Canada are coming from our warehouse in Tennessee.

Best regards,

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Readers' Favorite 5 Stars!!!!!!

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Reviewed by Bil Howard for Readers' Favorite
In pursuit of Black Peter, Father Dante is determined to serve justice for the death of his master and his mother in The Blood That Cries in the Ground by Gregory Bellarmine. The twist in the tale is one that has been hidden - who is Black Peter in truth? Though Father Dante has faked his death and all are convinced of it, Antonio discovers him very much alive and arrayed for battle. Antonio agrees to keep Father Dante’s secret if he will tell Antonio his life’s story. What Father Dante reveals is a story which has been kept quiet by the church for a generation. The tale is of Criskindl, Ice Steeds, The Unborn Saint, and intrigue from the Dark Ages when sorcerers ruled kings. Traveling through the Holy Land as a new civilization is being born and even as far as revolutionary France, the incredible tale of Father Dante’s quest goes beyond belief and into a world of myth and legend.
This suspenseful, adventurous, and intriguing story takes the reader into a deep and dark realm of intrigue and mystery that keeps them turning pages. Though fiction, the realistic characters and the possibility of the events keep the mind engaged in a profound way as the reader questions what other things might be hidden from view by a powerful church. The dark story that sends chills up Antonio's spine as he hears it will send the same chills up readers' spines. Intriguing, spellbinding, and captivating; The Blood That Cries in the Ground will grab the reader by the throat with a death grip from which it is impossible to break free.    
About the Author
Gregory Bellarmine is the author of the bestselling "Monthly Roman Breviary" and "the Father Dante Journals." He considers himself a non-denominational, Didache Christian and lives a happy though sometimes sleepless life in the UK with his wife, two children and rather cheeky Parson Russell Terrier. His latest book "The Blood That Cries in the Ground" received 5 Stars from Readers' Favorite.